The Coaching Process

How We Start:

We begin the coaching process with a Discovery Session. This session lasts for 1.5 hours, and can take place in person, by phone, or via Skype. Once this appointment is scheduled, I will send you a few forms to fill out in advance of our meeting. Your responses will lay the groundwork for the session, where I will be learning all about you. This includes – your strengths, your challenges, your goals, and much more. You’ll be asked to give real life examples. I find that talking about specifics is much more effective than speaking in generalities. Having this discovery session gives us a great running start for your coaching.

The Actual Coaching:

I recommend that we being by meeting weekly for 45 minute coaching sessions. In addition, clients may contact me between sessions by e-mail or texting, and expect a timely response.

To me, coaching is a partnership. You bring topics to the coaching session that you wish to work on each week, and we go from there. Topics may vary from week to week, but there’s usually overlap. And we begin each session with a check-in, as to how things went the previous week. So, there’s always continuity from week to week. And I’m right with you, to keep you on track.

My Coaching Style:

First, I’d like you to see me as your mentor, teacher, strategist, good friend, and personal coach. I’m always on your side, non-judgmental, nurturing and supportive. As your coach, I will ask you questions, make observations, hold your hand through tough times, while encouraging you to navigate your world and move forward on a positive path. And always, with a sense of humor. Coaching may be a serious business, but being able to see the humor in life at the same time, makes it all just a little bit easier.

The Journey:

People often ask, how long will it take me to reach my goals? The only honest answer is – I don’t know. My clients usually coach with me until they feel ready to manage their lives comfortably on their own. People have different goals in mind when they start – some are reached more quickly than others. Plus, the effort put forth by each individual also plays a part. I suggest that people try coaching out for at least a period of three months, to get an idea how its working for them. One thing you need to keep in mind is that you’ve probably been dealing with your challenges for many years, maybe even since childhood. So, realistically, one can’t expect to learn how to better manage those challenges in a matter of a few months. Nevertheless, you ought to be seeing some positive changes right from the start. I see coaching as a journey, and I’m here patiently waiting to take this journey with you!