Positively Not Perffect!

21393494_sA rather common issue for people with ADD is perfectionism.  Oh boy – that’s a tough one.  Why?  Because there ain’t no such thing!  One can strive for good enough, or even excellence, but perfect just doesn’t exist.  And those individuals who continually strive for this unattainable goal are spinning their wheels like a hamster on a teeny, tiny, treadmill.

This may be the one time in your life where someone is suggesting that you lower your standards.  Clearly, most people want to do their best in life – whether a project at work, or a student writing a paper.  But nobody’s best is perfect.  In reality, reaching for perfection is like reaching for a star.  Your arms will never be long enough to get to it.  So, doing your best within a reasonable period of time is truly good enough.

Here’s a homework assignment:  When you realize you’re ruminating over every last detail and you could go on doing so indefinitely if someone doesn’t shout “Stop Already!” — just take a time out and repeat this mantra for two entire minutes — This Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect…. This Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect…This Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect…

I apologize if I’m coming across with a sarcastic edge, when all I truly mean to be is humorous. You see, there just isn’t a perfect way for me to get this information across.  After all, I’m not perfekt, either!

Coach Rhonda

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