For Businesses

Many business could benefit by hiring a coach for some of their employees – at all levels.  A coach can help an individual reach their maximum potential, as well as work on any issues that are getting in the way of productivity.  When you have a situation where an employee is a good person and knows their area of expertise, yet for some reason is struggling to get their work done – it’s time to bring in a coach.

Why fire a valuable, experienced employee and start searching for a new one, when a coach can often work with the individual to get them on track?  Whether they have ADHD or a learning disability, are going through some kind of life upheaval, or just are no longer working up to job standards, Rhonda can turn things around into a win-win situation – both for the employer and employee.

When communication has broken down between people in business together, or between supervisors and others, Rhonda is capable of working with all parties involved to negotiate resolution.

Sometimes, you just gotta getta coach!

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