ADHD Coaching For Adults

ADHD Coaching For AdultsAre You an Adult with ADHD or Similar Traits and Challenges?

Do you live your life bogged down by issues such as procrastination, poor time management, difficulty sustaining focus or find yourself hyper-focusing?  These are just some of the many challenges faced by adults with ADD that can be improved upon.  There are also many strengths and gifts that adults with ADD possess.  Would you like to be able to effectively manage your challenges while identifying and making better use of your gifts and talents?

That’s where coaching can work wonders.  Clearly, an individual must be motivated to make such changes — and even those who lack motivation in general, can work on that challenge with a coach.  As your coach, we’d work together as equals, finding new and better ways of doing things.

Your coach is your support system, your mentor and strategist all rolled into one.   When you work with a highly trained coach, you’ve got someone in your corner who is highly knowledgeable about AD/HD, who is your advocate and cheerleader, is someone to whom you are accountable, and offers unconditional support.   You’ll start  learning individualized strategies that you can put into effect immediately!

The key is finding a coach with whom you are a good fit.  For that reason, I offer a free phone consultation for those who are considering coaching as part of their treatment plan.  It gives us an opportunity to begin to know each other, along with a feel for fit.  I only work with people who feel comfortable with me, and people whom I sincerely believe I can help.

You’ve got nothing to lose, but everything to gain.  Please contact me when you feel ready for your no cost consultation.  I’d be delighted to arrange an appointment that is mutually convenient.  Taking this step may be the first step in re-creating the rest of your life!  Click here to get started.