Coaching Services

ADD Coaching is available both in person and by phone. My location is in Chicago, IL.

The goal is to design a program that works for each individual client.  Typically, my clients and I meet 3 -4 times per month.  Sessions are 45 minutes in length.  We also stay in touch between sessions via e-mail.

ADD Coaching for Adults ADD Coaching for Students

Together we decide what type of coaching arrangement would be most advantageous to start.  Once we begin coaching, we can always make adjustments as to how frequently we meet, length of sessions and even location for those in the Chicago area.

All coaching is 100% individualized for each client.  We determine what your needs are, put together a plan of action, and then get moving.  Depending on the client and situation, we may start with an “intake” session, and other times we’ll jump right into the actual coaching.

My promise is to offer services that are most beneficial for every individual client!