Running Late – Again!

clockAre you frequently late for appointments, or class, or work, or just about anything?  You think you’ve allowed enough time to get from Point A to Point B, yet it never seems to be enough?  Welcome to the ADD clock club!

Individuals with ADHD often find judging time to be a challenge.   And the way it typically works, people underestimate the timeto get somewhere.  So, let’s take on that challenge with a simple formula that if followed, will definitely make a difference.

OK, we know that you’re not allowing enough time to get to your destination.  But how much extra time is actually needed to get you where you need to be?  Here’s where my handy-dandy formula comes into play.  Take the time you THINK you need and add 50% more time.  So, if you’re thinking it should take 30 minutes to get to your dental appointment, add on another 15 minutes.

Your Time Estimate + 50% Additional Time = Being on Time

However, if you find you’re still getting places late, then you may need to bump up the additional time, times two!  Then your 30-minute estimate needs to move to a 60-minute head start.  This may seem like a lot of extra time to you, but if it gets you to the church on time – why not?  And the worst thing that can happen is you arrive early, having time to catch your breath and relax.  Wouldn’t that be a pleasant change?

Coach Rhonda