Oh So Hard to Start!

DecisionsMany people with ADD have difficulty starting a task or project – whether at home, school, or at work.  Typically, the reasons included (but are not limited to) feeling overwhelmed by it, its boring or tedious, or maybe you’d just rather be on Facebook!

No matter what the reason, its something you either don’t believe you CAN do, or WANT to do.  It remains on that ever long To Do List, or is simply shoved out of your mind as you move onto something more interesting, fun or easier to do.  Yet, somewhere deep inside you KNOW that time is ticking away and that this task is something that really needs to get done.  Just knowing it, yet not DOING it, can even lead to anxiety.  Then, the growing anxiety makes it even MORE difficult to start!

So, how does one begin what I commonly refer to as a yukky task?  There are a variety of strategies, but the one I’d like to share with you today is starting with a very small piece.  It can even be just five minutes of time.  But it will be a start!

If you have a timer, you may want to set it.  Or, use your cell phone to set a short alarm.  The method isn’t nearly as important as knowing you’re just going to spend a few minutes on this today.  AND, it doesn’t even matter if what you do to start your project is even well done.  The point is just to GET STARTED.  Once you have your task started, even a tiny bit of it – you’ll likely find that you feel a sense of relief that it has indeed been started…and hope, that by having started you’ll eventually be able to finish!

Isn’t there something you’ve been putting off that you’d like to finally do?  Why not take five minutes and START!


Running Late – Again!

clockAre you frequently late for appointments, or class, or work, or just about anything?  You think you’ve allowed enough time to get from Point A to Point B, yet it never seems to be enough?  Welcome to the ADD clock club!

Individuals with ADHD often find judging time to be a challenge.   And the way it typically works, people underestimate the timeto get somewhere.  So, let’s take on that challenge with a simple formula that if followed, will definitely make a difference.

OK, we know that you’re not allowing enough time to get to your destination.  But how much extra time is actually needed to get you where you need to be?  Here’s where my handy-dandy formula comes into play.  Take the time you THINK you need and add 50% more time.  So, if you’re thinking it should take 30 minutes to get to your dental appointment, add on another 15 minutes.

Your Time Estimate + 50% Additional Time = Being on Time

However, if you find you’re still getting places late, then you may need to bump up the additional time, times two!  Then your 30-minute estimate needs to move to a 60-minute head start.  This may seem like a lot of extra time to you, but if it gets you to the church on time – why not?  And the worst thing that can happen is you arrive early, having time to catch your breath and relax.  Wouldn’t that be a pleasant change?

Coach Rhonda

Positively Not Perffect!

21393494_sA rather common issue for people with ADD is perfectionism.  Oh boy – that’s a tough one.  Why?  Because there ain’t no such thing!  One can strive for good enough, or even excellence, but perfect just doesn’t exist.  And those individuals who continually strive for this unattainable goal are spinning their wheels like a hamster on a teeny, tiny, treadmill.

This may be the one time in your life where someone is suggesting that you lower your standards.  Clearly, most people want to do their best in life – whether a project at work, or a student writing a paper.  But nobody’s best is perfect.  In reality, reaching for perfection is like reaching for a star.  Your arms will never be long enough to get to it.  So, doing your best within a reasonable period of time is truly good enough.

Here’s a homework assignment:  When you realize you’re ruminating over every last detail and you could go on doing so indefinitely if someone doesn’t shout “Stop Already!” — just take a time out and repeat this mantra for two entire minutes — This Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect…. This Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect…This Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect…

I apologize if I’m coming across with a sarcastic edge, when all I truly mean to be is humorous. You see, there just isn’t a perfect way for me to get this information across.  After all, I’m not perfekt, either!

Coach Rhonda

S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Decision2Do you have a goal you’d like to reach, but aren’t sure how to begin to get there?  Here’s an outline of how to think about your goal so you can get started.

S=Specific (choose one very specific goal you’d like to attain – nothing general here)

M=Measurable (how can you measure, along the way, how you’re moving along towards your goal?)

A=Attainable (your goal needs to be an attainable one for you)

R=Realistic (the goal also needs to be a realistic one)

T=Time-frame (a specific, yet reasonable period of time)

Once you’ve plugged in the information for all the above, the next step is to develop an action plan.  Your action plan needs to be broken down into doable steps or pieces.  A qualified coach can help you go through this process successfully by partnering with you.  The process would include creating the S.M.A.R.T. goals together, continually reviewing them, helping to keep you on track, providing motivation when you’re getting bogged down, offering suggestions you may not have thought of, and being there for accountability.  Its a SMART team effort!

Coach Rhonda

Your #1 Planning Tool

12487881_s (2)Its difficult enough to get things done when you can remember what you need to do.  But what if you have difficulty keeping track of your agenda, appointments, and plans?  The ideal way to stay on top of your life and keep your mind organized, is to use a planner.  I prefer to be able to see an entire week at a time.  That way you can see what’s coming up in your week as you begin to plan for it, and add new tasks and appointments.

Whether a paper based planner, an electronic one, or even your cell phone – you’ll find that having some type of planner and making a habit of referring to it throughout each day, will help keep you organized.  Don’t have one?  Plan on getting one!

Coach Rhonda