About Rhonda Pawlan, M.S.

rhonda pawlanA key element when working with a coach, is that the two of us are a good fit. So, let me tell you about myself to give you an idea of who I am and what I’m like, both professionally and personally.

I entered the field of coaching, years after having earned a masters degree in counseling and having worked in the mental health field. Although I can and do coach people in a variety of areas, my coach training (ADDCA) specialized in coaching individuals with attention deficits. Why did I choose this niche? Because I find this area both fascinating and challenging. I also find my clients to be intelligent, creative, caring human beings.

My Passion

Three of my greatest passions, in addition to helping others, are music, writing, and humor. I’ve played piano professionally, taught piano, have had articles published both in print and online, and I use humor in almost everything I do. One way that I’ve found to combine my talents is by writing parodies. In fact, I have performed original parodies about AD/HD at several ADDA Conferences I’ve attended throughout the country. A couple of my favorites are Procrastination Tango and Rumination Rock.

My sense of humor is something I put to use naturally when coaching. It puts my clients at ease when we can laugh together and see our struggles in a light that’s a bit less serious or painful. Other professionals and clients have so kindly described me as “sensitive and supportive”, while “having mastered the art of gentle confrontation” when necessary.

My Pride

I take pride in my ability to help people get their lives back on track. The heart and soul of my coaching philosophy is to help people realize their strengths, while finding strategies to help with their challenges. My clients understand from the start that we work together as a team, and as equals.

Together, we celebrate your “wins”, and I’m also there to support you when things aren’t going well. We brainstorm ways to improve or change things such as patterns, behaviors and thoughts, for the better. An important theme that runs throughout the coaching experience, is that there are no mistakes — only lessons to be learned.

Although I do not have ADD, I do share some ADD type traits. In addition, my daughter and husband have ADD, so I have lived the experience first hand. Finally, I am an extremely patient person. I don’t let people give up on themselves, as I believe that maintaining hope is essential to living a good life.

Professional Memberships

  • ICF – International Coach Federation
  • ACO – AD/HD Coaches Association
  • ADDA – Adults & Children with Attention Deficit Disorder
  • CHADD – Children & Adults with ADD

Education & Training

  • University of Illinois – B.A. Education
  • I.I.T. – M.S. Rehabilitation Counseling
  • ADDCA – ADD Coaching Academy
  • Fast Track Coaching Program
  • Coaching Kids & Teens Program – Jodi Sleeper-Tripplet, MCC

Free Consultation

If I sound like the kind of person you would like to work with, please contact me for a free consultation. If you’re sincerely motivated to make positive changes in your life, I’m excited to take this journey with you!