Rhonda Pawlan, M.S. ADHD & Life Coach

Welcome!  I am a Board Certified Life Coach with a specialty in AD/HD.  By offering creative strategies, loads of patience and sincere support – with a splash of humor, I will coach you to successfully manage your challenges. As soon as we begin, you’ll be taking positive steps towards  your goals.  Tour my website, and subscribe to receive ADD Tips.  Just add your e-mail address to the right ——->

The journey towards a more successful life begins here.  Are you ready to take the first step?

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  • Easily distracted? Unorganized? Lose track of time?
  • Difficulty focusing on, starting or completing a task?
  • A Procrastinator? Impulsive?
  • Lack of time management & organizational skills?
  • Feel overwhelmed, or like your life is controlling you?
  • Know what you want out of life, but not how to get there?
  • Have ADD or ADD-type challenges?
  • Would like to make positive changes in your life?

I can help you move forward on a path to success!

As a Life Coach and an ADD specialist, I Help My Clients Live a Better Life…More Satisfying & More Successful.

Here are some important steps we can take together…

  • Identify Your Strengths and Challenges
  • Learn New Strategies to Manage Challenges
  • Put Your Strengths to Work for You
  • Get the Kind of Support and Accountability You Need
  • Build a Plan of Action to Reach Your New Goals

Whether you are struggling with challenges, or simply want to make some wonderful positive changes in your life, coaching is the way to go! Tour this site, sign up for my ongoing informational posts, or request a free consultation. Isn’t it time you started moving in the right direction?


Oh So Hard to Start!

Many people with ADD have difficulty starting a task or project – whether at home, school, or at work.  Typically, the reasons included (but are not limited to) feeling overwhelmed by it, its boring or tedious, or maybe you’d just rather be on Facebook! No matter what the reason, its something you either don’t believe […]

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Running Late – Again!

Are you frequently late for appointments, or class, or work, or just about anything?  You think you’ve allowed enough time to get from Point A to Point B, yet it never seems to be enough?  Welcome to the ADD clock club! Individuals with ADHD often find judging time to be a challenge.   And the way […]

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Positively Not Perffect!

A rather common issue for people with ADD is perfectionism.  Oh boy – that’s a tough one.  Why?  Because there ain’t no such thing!  One can strive for good enough, or even excellence, but perfect just doesn’t exist.  And those individuals who continually strive for this unattainable goal are spinning their wheels like a hamster […]

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S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Do you have a goal you’d like to reach, but aren’t sure how to begin to get there?  Here’s an outline of how to think about your goal so you can get started. S=Specific (choose one very specific goal you’d like to attain – nothing general here) M=Measurable (how can you measure, along the way, […]

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Your #1 Planning Tool

Its difficult enough to get things done when you can remember what you need to do.  But what if you have difficulty keeping track of your agenda, appointments, and plans?  The ideal way to stay on top of your life and keep your mind organized, is to use a planner.  I prefer to be able […]

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